Tucan Country Club

Come and discover your Paradise!

While many people saw Panama as a quick “stop by” country, back in the 20th century, others began to work towards making our nation into their home as well as a profitable destination.

Those who made such a momentous decision in their lives migrated to Panama from various countries from around the world, which contributed to our nation becoming a melting pot of races and a destination where tolerance and personal improvement efforts through commercial initiatives have always been encouraged.

V&V Group origins date back to the year 1918; just 4 years after the Panama Canal, one of mankind’s greatest achievements, began operations. 

The Canal made Panama an extremely attractive center for thriving merchants who sought opportunities to prosper and, at the same time, contribute to the social and economic development of the new republic which had been founded only a few years earlier, in 1903.

The V&V Group was founded based on sharing progress, personal effort, and generating jobs and opportunities for Panamanian workers.

Through its entrepreneurial efforts, and over the years, V&V Group has become a company that sees its workforce, not as mere employees but part of our family and its investments being always destined to collaborate with this country’s growth and development.

Today´s solidity, which has been achieved through the tireless effort of over 80 years of stability and continuity, makes the group stand out as one of the most serious in the real estate, tourism, hotel, medical supplies imports, and pioneering technologies in the international market.

From its humble origins, and always by the hand of the collaborators who are now a strengthened family, the V&V Group promise to become one of the most outstanding and successful in all areas above.

Tucan Real Estate Holding, Inc. (TREHI), one of the most important and current branch of the group, is a developer with vast experience in the real estate area. In 2004 TREHI acquired 74 hectares, from where the historic Horoko Golf Course operated, having achieved one of the most exclusive and unique real estate developments in Panama and the world to this date.

Amid a natural environment, and bordering the monumental structures of the Panama Canal, Tucan Country Club and Resort Real Estate development has adhered to the highest quality standards and maximum use and respectful coexistence of the natural environment, in which centuries-old trees abound, rivers, lakes, and the diverse and abundant flora and fauna, thus achieving a unique and definitive combination between the golf course and the residential complex, as works of human effort, and the millennial natural environment that surrounds the project today.

Within this unique development concept, a successful combination of imposing villas, exclusive buildings, and elegant terraced condominiums with privileges of views was achieved. This mission was possible with the invaluable collaboration of Humberto Echeverria’s prestigious Firm of Architects.

Urban design with organic lines and Mediterranean architecture is a unique concept of its kind that, with its presence, shows off one of the wonders of the world: The Panama Canal, with which it shares the destiny and progress of the entire Panamanian nation.


Our commitment to our clients is based on guaranteeing excellent quality in the delivery of a product, dedicated personalized attention, and above all, a place for you to call and feel at home.